The mundane, yet no less mandatory

Another freshly-baked offering from the fabulous George!


While chatting to a friend the other day about all the different decisions we are making in our move to France he said “it’s funny how when you hear about church plants going on around the world it’s usually about the amazing numbers they got at their first official meeting, or the numbers saved at an amazing evangelistic event, or how God provided the most amazing building; not the days, months and years of mundane and “normal” life that goes on prior to these times’.  
I’m not sure if I’d been boring him but it’s safe to say that life isn’t mundane for us; far from it!  I suppose what my friend was meaning was that there’s so much more to church planting that just rocking up in your new town or city, finding a meeting place and getting the hundreds hearing about Jesus and through the door.  Jobs have to be found, neighbourhoods researched, houses purchased, packing done and undone, schools and nurseries looked into, a car bought, public transport systems worked out, local supermarkets located, friends made etc. “Normal” life has to take place as far as possible (especially if you have kids).
In all honesty I suppose I’d not really thought about just how many “big people” decisions we’d have to make in moving; the same decisions whether you are moving abroad or down the road.   We’ve never done this before! We don’t really know what we’re doing but somehow, step by step, decisions are being made; the mundane and the necessary.
So, we’d love your prayers on some of the mundane but necessary decisions we are making. We need wisdom, and lots of it!
We are currently looking for a house to rent in Lille (hopefully one turned the right way up!) and are very much torn as to the right area for us.  We really like a central area called the Vauban.  As I said, it’s central, bustling, near a large university, walking distance into the centre, on a metro line and near a large municipal zoo etc.  Also on our radar is an area further out of the centre which has some new housing in our price range with a garden, larger rooms, nice quiet streets, a nearby park, much better parking facilities and on a bus route.  A mundane decision you may think and had we not had a young family we wouldn’t be thinking twice about being in the hustle and bustle of the Vauban.  We so want to be where God wants us.  Please pray that, quite literally, the right door opens up.
Thanks so much, we need your prayers, we need your support, and we need God’s wisdom in the mundane as well as the thrilling.

George Eaton


2 thoughts on “The mundane, yet no less mandatory

  1. Dear George I pray that God will open doors for you and that you will soon know which area God has chosen for you. We were very pleased to know that Roger had a job. Now we pray for a new home for you, and for you and Miriam as you leave your job and are able to join him. God bless you. Valerie The Vine Church Maidstone.

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