Beginnings, ends & beginnings


As I seem unable to have sat down to update the Newfrontiers Lille blog recently, I called upon reinforcements to pick up the mantle (namely, the beautiful Georgina Eaton!). Church planting is all about the team! 

Life is somewhat strange for the Eaton family at the moment.  There seem to be a lot of beginnings of ends and even more beginnings of beginnings.


Roger began a new job in Lille, teaching English to businesses all over the Nord region just 3 days after an interview, having only been in France for a total of about 9 days. I have handed my notice in at work, my last day will be Friday 31 May, which means we are beginning a season of being apart for a number of weeks, but the end is in sight.
Until these major decisions had been made I’d been feeling fine about leaving, but there wasn’t a specific end, and now there is.  A date; a date to the end of our life here in Canterbury and a date for the beginning of our adventure in Lille. Here we are, at the beginning of that end and yes, the emotions are running pretty high!


I love this city – I’ve lived here for over 11 years. Came to uni, met a guy, fell in love, got married, had a baby, been to countless weddings, held lots of friends’ newborn babies,  laughed a lot, cried quite a bit, danced loads, eaten some great meals, waved goodbye to special people, and made some life-long friends.  Not to mention how I’ve been emotionally, financially and spiritually blessed and encouraged by our family, not only at The City Church but by churches all over Kent. I’m doing my best not to burst into tears every time I’m with a friend or even dropping Miriam off at her fantastic child minder. I’m sad, scared, excited, nervous and energised for the adventure ahead (depending on what day you ask me!).
This is the beginning of an end, but it’s also a HUGE beginning of a beginning.


So raise a glass (preferably of a fine French red if I were you), to ends and beginnings; life would be rather dull without them!

George Eaton


One thought on “Beginnings, ends & beginnings

  1. Lovely message. Praying for you all. Will visit in September when we start our tour through France into Spain with oUr caravan. Lots of love, Maureen

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