Why plant another church?

This weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Newfrontiers France Younger Leaders weekend in Melun, not far south-west of Paris. This was a gathering of about 70 people, mostly in their 20s & 30s who are in some form of leadership within the New Ground Churches apostolic sphere, part of Newfrontiers. In this new era for Newfrontiers, I was there under the banner of Relational Mission but felt incredibly welcomed in these exciting times of pressing forward together on mission.

Dave & Liz Holden of New Community Church Sidcup and Stuart & Livy Gibbs of Emmanuel Church Greenwich were the main speakers for the weekend and led us superbly, essentially teaching on how we can hear God and mature in His ways, developing a Gospel-centred nature in all that we do, especially through our leadership.

One part of the weekend involved a lengthy Q&A section, which was filled with weighty questions for the panel to answer. As I set forth to plant a church in Lille, I have been asked several times recently why I am going to plant a new church when I could join an existing church and help them out? I decided to ask the panel what they thought and although I didn’t record what they said during the Q&A, I did get an opportunity to video Stuart Gibbs the next day to capture his thoughts on the matter.



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