Big vision and close friendships

Georgina, Miriam and I have been on quite an adventure this weekend just past; I thought I would take a moment to share it with you.

We set off for Folkestone after work on the evening of Friday 25 January, to catch the Eurotunnel to enable us to drive to France that night. After a delay on the crossing, we finally arrived in the small hours of the morning at our hosts’ house (the fantastic Nathan & Beki Lambert!) in St Cyr l’École, about 40kms south-west of Paris (as an aside, the town where one of my favourite bands grew up…AIR).

The next morning, we had an early start and drove into Paris for a prayer day uniting the leaders of the existing Newfrontiers churches in France and those in the process of being planted. It was thrilling to be together, united by big vision and close friendships. Dave Holden, who leads the New Ground sphere of churches, part of Newfrontiers, led the day as the majority of the churches are directly under his apostolic care. For some, such as the establishing church plant in Montpellier and the initiative for Lille, they come under the oversight of others, the latter namely with Mike Betts of Relational Mission, but all are united by our history of being part of the Newfrontiers family of churches. This has grown from small beginnings on the south coast of England four decades ago, into a movement that having reached some 800 churches in 6 regions of the world, has now decentralised  and released men into their apostolic gifting to develop more church planting movements around the globe. But it is clear that a key prophetic word for Newfrontiers still rings true in this new era:

We can do more together than we can apart

The health of this was exemplified by this excellent day of pray and fellowship together in Paris. Here is a short video of a moment in the day:

On the Sunday, family Eaton drove north to Coutiches, about 25kms south of Lille. We went there to stay with the Ruff family; Jean and Marie-Hélène and their two children. They are a wonderful family who have been so generous to us and helpful toward our next steps in moving to Lille to plant the church. To realise a big vision of seeking to plant a church that plants churches in Lille and beyond, it is through the close friendships that this comes about. God is clearly answering our prayers.

I see you stepping onto a path that you can only see the end of after about two paving slabs, then nothingness. But with a conviction of direction, as you step onto the next slab, another slab appears, enabling you to keep walking on track.

This prophetic word from Kristy De Robeck has really encouraged us, particularly as I (Roger) have handed in my notice with The City Church, having worked there for over 8 years; my last day is 28 February! We then step into our next faith step as I move to Lille to find work and a home for us.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Jobs – I am looking for work within project management for an international business
  • Housing – a 2/3 bedroom house/apartment that is connected to central Lille by either the tram or metro
  • Team – there is a growing number of people interested; please pray God fills their hearts with faith to join us

Thank you for standing with us.


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