Due east to Lille, due west to Ottawa


  • The distance of travel between Canterbury, UK, to Lille, France is just over 120 miles (nearly 195 kms).
  • Between Wye, UK (a small village in east Kent), to Ottawa, Canada, there lies not far short of 4,000 miles (nearly 6,500 kms).
  • Population of Lille metropole is 1.1 million people
  • Population of Ottawa metropole is 1.2 million people
  • Both cities are the fourth largest city in their nation

Now, I could go on with further contrasting facts between these cities but I may be in danger of exasperating my readers for not sharing the reasoning behind the inclusion of Ottawa in what is a thoroughly Lille-oriented blog!

It has to do with two young families, part of churches within the Relational Mission family of churches, who are called to proclaim the gospel in cities that God has chosen for us to reach. I speak fondly of Simon and Andrée Kemp, an amazing couple who I have only had the pleasure of knowing for a short time, who will be moving, with their two young boys, from a sleepy village in the east Kent countryside, across “the Pond” to the capital of Canada.


I want to emphasise the crucial value of being part of a family of churches; a movement of people who are held together relationally by apostolic ministry, shaped by prophetic input and stewarded by eldership teams. Where this is cultivated, akin to a New Testament blueprint of following Jesus, it bears fruit in raising sons who will go to the ends of the Earth with the gospel; ‘ends’ near and far.

As you pray for Georgina and I for our move to Lille during the first half of 2013, please also pray for the Kemps as they move to Ottawa next month (February)! We are so thrilled for all that God has planned for them and even though thousands of miles separate us, the cause is the same and we will see Christ-honouring churches built in the great nations of Canada and France to the glory of God and for the sake of His name in the nations!


One thought on “Due east to Lille, due west to Ottawa

  1. This page is Amazing Roger! We had no idea you did this… you didn’t lose any time… and we didn’t know it had so much in common with Lille… we won’t be able to enjoy delicious pastries, but a lot in common. Praise God! We are so happy we met you both, precious sister and brother… lots of love, Andrée & Simon We are going to have to much to tell one another!

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