Welcome to the official blog for Newfrontiers Lille


“God is going to give favour for church planting along the Eurostar line. Just as He used the Roman road network 2000yrs ago, so He has highlighted another man-made structure that will carry the Gospel!”

Mike Betts

Well, where do you begin when sharing the life of an emerging church plant? At the beginning is probably best really, so over the next several posts, I shall be sharing the story so far of the forthcoming church plant to Lille, France.

Of primary importance, that you need to know from the outset, is that this initiative began with God speaking (see the prophetic word shared above) and an apostolic team being faithful stewards of believing Him to His word.

This church will be built on a prophetic and apostolic foundation, akin to the example laid in Ephesians 2:20, that creates and maintains a healthy environment for Christ-followers to grow in their love for Jesus, for one another, for the people of Lille and the nations.

Thanks for following our news,

God bless / Dieu vous bénisse,

Roger Eaton


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the official blog for Newfrontiers Lille

  1. Dodge I am so excited about what is going to be in store for you guys! Suffering, rejection, pain, difficulty for His sake, and the glorious joy of serving God and people and seeing his Kingdom advance! Ah so exciting! Will be an avid follower of the blog 🙂 Praying small but mind-bogglingly powerful prayers for you and for Lille 🙂

  2. Well done, Roger. First spade in the ground of what will be a significant work in Europe. Every success in this Great Adventure!

  3. All the best for this project. Re the prophesy on the Eurostar line, NKCC’s new building is well under way at Ebbsfleet, another station on the line.

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